"Creating interprofessional collaborative teams for Comprehensive Mental Health Services"
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PROJECT DURATION : April 06- June 08



The University of Western Ontario has a reputation for leadership in patient-centred and community-orientated medical education, and for innovation and excellence in research.  It has more than 60 degree and diploma programs and a strong network of community partners. 

The partners in this project are: University of Western Ontario, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Social Work, and the Department of Psychology; Consortium of Applied Research and Evaluation in Mental Health; Community University Research Alliance on Housing and Mental Health; the Victorian Order of Nurses.


Project objectives:

The overall project goal is to facilitate interprofessional collaborative mental health care in both education and practice settings, while augmenting the work toward provincial priorities such as mental health care reform, care of the homeless, and the development of Local Health Integration Networks.  This will be achieved by socializing faculty, student and practitioners in client centred interprofessional collaborative practice focusing on mental health services to vulnerable populations; stimulating networking and sharing of best education approaches; and increasing the number of educators and health professionals trained in interprofessional collaborative practice.


Anticipated Results

The expected result of this project is to create a sustainable infrastructure and curriculum to support interprofessional education and practice through training faculty, students and community partners including services to the homeless and other disadvantaged groups.









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Dr. Evelyn Vingilis evingili@uwo.ca  [Co-chair]

Dr. Cheryl Forchuk cforchuk@uwo.ca [Co-chair]

Dr. Carole Orchard corchard@uwo.ca [Academic Director]


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Inerprofessional Education Initiatives: Working together across disciplines