Pharmacy Technician


The section discusses the following topics :

> What is pharmacy?

> What do Pharmacy Technicians do?

> Where do Pharmacy Technicians work?

> Education and certifications

> Registration

> Professional Associations

What is Pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a regulated profession that offers a wide range of skills and roles that are used in various healthcare settings. On December 3rd, 2010, Ontario became the first province to regulate pharmacy technicians. This newly regulated health care professional performs the technical aspect of the controlled act of dispensing of pharmaceutical products.

What do Pharmacy Technicians do?

Pharmacy technicians ensure the safety and quality of prescription-product preparation and collaborate with the pharmacist in health and wellness promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management. Their expertise focuses on the technical elements of prescription and patient information as well as product and drug distribution. They also ensure that collaboration with the pharmacist to confirm therapeutic appropriateness has occurred.

Where do Pharmacy Technicians work?

Pharmacy technicians can work in various settings:
• Hospital Pharmacies
•Community Pharmacies
•Government Regulatory Bodies
•Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies
•Third Party Payer Companies


Education and Preparation

Pharmacy technician programs are offered at community and private colleges in Ontario. Only graduates of accredited programs are permitted to register as pharmacy technicians. Placements include community and hospital pharmacy practice experiences.  


Pharmacy is a regulated profession in Canada. In Ontario, pharmacy technicians are registered with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Completion of an accredited program, structured practical training, national written and practical examinations as well as a provincial examination around Pharmacy law are required.

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