The interprofessional care learning labs project is designed to create learning labs within London t o engage interprofessional groups of supervised students in provision of health and social services to the public. ‘Learning labs’ are the initial phase of the Western Center for Family Health Care and will serve as satellites from the planned central location on UWO’s Research Park. These satellites will provide on-site clinical services provided through assigned nurse practitioners supported by family physicians who are member of the main Center. The learning labs will be located within: the Allan Rush Gardens, Southdale Housing Complex and Merrymount Children’s Centre. This latter site is already established and will provide the model for the other satellites.

Implementation of services within these learning labs will occur through well-developed partnerships with the people who reside in the satellite’s local area. Programs and services will be developed in response to identified needs and where current gaps in services are evident and desired.

A unique interprofessional framework, developed for this project, will be implemented that combines community-development with provision of health and social services through interprofessional collaborative teams of students, faculty and health practitioners. Interprofessional groups of students will participate in these unique placements as part of their respective programs practice component. These placements are intended to provide faculty guided enhanced practice-based collaborative team learning within these learning labs.

The goals of this project are to:

  1. provide comprehensive community-based services that are responsive to identified needs including: (a) primary care; (b) counselling; (c) social support; and (d) patient/family education,
  2. provide services that integrate primary health care (health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliation) as they affect individual, family and community achievement of health,
  3. provide services through groups of students and faculty in client-centred interprofessional collaborative practice teams under the overall guidance of site-based nurse practitioners and family physicians,
  4. build capacities within the project communities where the learning labs are situated for development and acceptance of an interprofessional care model that integrates health and social services,
  5. create best practices to support interprofessional care and education,
  6. engage students and faculty in interprofessional education and care, and
  7. demonstrate the benefits of linking health and social care together in delivery of interprofessional care.

Student interprofessional placements will begin in May 2008 initially at the Merrymount site and expanding to all three locations for the fall of 2008.  Clinical placement coordinators for each of the health professional programs will be seeking students interested in these placements.  The Office of Interprofessional Health Education & Research is interested in hearing from faculty members or clinical teachers who are interested in serving as interprofessional student group facilitators for these placements.

This project is funded through the HealthForceOntario’s Interprofessional Care Program of the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care and is led by Dr. Carole Orchard, Coordinator for Interprofessional Health Education & Research and supported by: Drs. Tom Freeman, Chair, Family Medicine;  Barbara Decker Pierce, Director, School of Social Work; Marilyn Ford-Gilboe,  Principal Investigator Health Zone Project, School of Nursing, Kathy Hibbert,  Faculty of Education; Alicia Garcia, Chair, Nutrition Program; Professor Lisa Klinger, School of Occupational Therapy; Professor Pam Dietrich, Coordinator, Health Zone Project, School of Nursing; Keri Selkirk, Executive Director, Thames Valley Family Health Team; and Janett McNeil,  Manager, Client Services, London & Middlesex Housing Corporation.









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