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"Interprofessional Health Teams: Preparing Future Practitioners"


The expected result of this project is to create a sustainable infrastructure and curriculum to support interprofessional education and practice through training faculty, students and community partners including services to the homeless and other disadvantaged groups.

This project will create multi-group engagement on interprofessional education (IPE) and Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP).  Those involved in this engagement will participate at different levels.  An alliance between key representatives from the groups will facilitate co-planning and co-ownership for the project.  This alliance will allow for the respect of each partners capacity to move forward within their organizations other demands.  Thus, the project will build towards a partnership engagement.  The project’s focus will be on expanding the current collaborative relationships that are often uni-disciplinary to explore the evolution of models to support the strategic directions of each partner while creating a means to move forward in the integration of interprofessional education and collaborative practice.  Given the need to create a new culture to support such a venture, this project will provide the time to gradually sensitize faculty, health professionals in practice, students, and public about the value of moving towards interprofessional collaborative practice, then helping to gain an understanding of how each partner can provide the means, within their resources, to create a plan for moving forward on the agreed models.  Within the project funded time period UWO and FC will begin work in creating environments for faculty interest in IPE and IPCP that will result in faculty ‘champions’ beginning to experiment with IPE courses and cross-disciplinary case scenarios that are Web-CT based and also provided through simulated cases using both programmable mannequins and also ‘patient’ actors.  A key emphasis will be helping the newly emerging Health Sciences Student Association Chapter at UWO to expand its membership including FC students.  These students will be a significant group to help move this cultural shift forward.  


Success of this movement will only be realized if the public and patients know about what constituted IPCP and why they should want to receive care through this delivery approach.  This project will provide public sensitization to IPE and IPCP and also seek consumers who can help researchers to gain an understanding of the role patients may choose to have within such IPCP teams.  There is currently a gap in our knowledge about what constitutes the patient’s role within patient-centred care. Beyond the current funding further phases of implementation and evaluation of patient satisfaction with the new models and health professional satisfaction with changes in their working relationships, and organizational evaluation of recruitment and retention benefits as well as the cost-benefit of IPCP to delivery of care will be studied.  The partners expect that implementation of the Alliance plan will result in different levels of engagement within the organizations.  During the project UWO and FC with move towards implementing IPE courses as parts of health program student learning and create a unique IPE curriculum in which eventually all health program students will participate.  It is also expected that the focus on IPE and IPCP will spur new areas of faculty research and be a draw for graduate students interested in studying under these faculty members. 









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