Online Graduate Diploma in Applied Health Sciences

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Online Learning for Tomorrow's Challenges

This flexible, fully-online graduate diploma prepares learners to excel and work adaptively in this rapidly changing environment and contribute to the complex problem‐solving required by the health challenges of today and tomorrow. 

This program is ideal for individuals seeking skills that will prepare them to:

  • Adapt rapidly to changes in health care systems
  • Remain competitive in their existing role and practice
  • Pivot into a new, more challenging position
  • Thrive in inter-professional teams

A Diverse Community of Learners

Western's Graduate Diploma in Applied Health Science is designed for a diverse community of learners from a variety of health-related disciplines and professional backgrounds including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Kinesiology
  • Dietetics
  • Audiology
  • other registered or non-registered health professions

Flexible Program Options

The program design places a high value on the flexibility of time and place and allows for students to create a program pathway that fits their lives through part-time options.

Program options include:

Single Courses

Students have the option of taking three individual courses for credit before being required to declare their intention to enroll in the full Graduate Diploma. This flexible enrolment option is ideal for students who have been away from university studies for a few years or are unsure if online learning is the right fit for them.

Customizable Diploma Program

The Graduate Diploma is earned through successful completion of a total of five courses taken within and across four Areas of Concentration. Students have the flexibility to choose the areas and courses that best fit their interests and goals.

  • The Graduate Diploma can be completed with two years of fully-online, part-time study

Program Features

The program can be completed part-time, while working as a health professional, and is designed for learners with an undergraduate degree in a health related discipline who are seeking additional health sciences postsecondary education. The program features:

  • Fully online course offerings
  • Flexible part-time pathways
  • Engaged problem-based learning and inter-professional education
  • Customized areas of interest by choosing courses from one of four Areas of Concentration

Approach to Learning

The approach to online learning used in the Graduate Diploma Program is rooted in authentic learning through inter-professional interaction and contextualized individual and group experiences. Student engagement is the top priority and all courses are designed with:

  • A variety of ways to engage with content, peers and instructors
  • Multimedia case studies
  • Interactive modules
  • Video content
  • Built-in opportunities for collaboration and engagement